Contributing To Glaxnimate


If you don't have any technical skill you can still support Glaxnimate by donating.

Reporting Issues

You can report issues on GitLab.

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.


When reporting bugs please be as detailed as possible, include steps to reproduce the issue and describe what happens.

If relevant, attach the file you were editing on the issue.

You can also add the system information gathered by Glaxnimate itself: Go to Help > About... > System and click Copy, then you can paste on the issue the system information.


You can create packages to port Glaxnimate to a specific system, setting up an automatable process to create said package so it can be integrated with continuous integration.

Packages that need help

Existing Packages

More packages

If you want to port Glaxnimate to a different system of package manager, feel free to do so!

If the process can be automated the script can be added to continuous integration so it gets built automatically.


You can add to the documentation by adding tutorials, missing information, correcting typos, etc...

On the Documentation Website each page has a link to its source file on GitLab, you can use that page to edit it and create a pull request.

Details on how to work with the documentation are at Documentation.


You can add or improve translations using Qt linguist.

See Translations for more details.


See the README for build instructions.

You can open merge requests on GitLab to get your changes merged into Glaxnimate.


Glaxnimate is licensed under the GNU GPLv3+, so your contributions must be under the same license.

Credits and Licensing

If you make significant contributions add your name or nickname in the appropriate section of, you can also include your email but you don't have to.

If you contribute to the Glaxnimate, you agree that your contributions are compatible with the licensing terms.

For documentation contributions the license is dual GPLv3+ and CC BY-SA 4.0.

For everything else in the Glaxnimate repository, the license is GPLv3+.

Some submodules have their own licensing terms.