Miscellaneous Tips

Screen recording

To click on the window to record and start recording straight away:

# No sound
recordmydesktop --no-sound -o /tmp/out.ogv --windowid `xwininfo -display :0 | grep 'id: 0x' | grep -oE "0x\w+"`
# Yes sound
recordmydesktop -o /tmp/out.ogv --windowid `xwininfo -display :0 | grep 'id: 0x' | grep -oE "0x\w+"`
# Convert
ffmpeg -i /tmp/out.ogv /tmp/out.mp4

Test GitLab CI jobs

Something along these lines:

docker run -it -v $PWD:/glaxnimate ubuntu:16.04 bash

Release Checklist

  1. Update the version number on the root CMakeLists.txt
  2. Ensure CHANGELOG.md is up to date and changes are under the heading for the scheduled release
  3. Build the release_0 target
  4. Wait for CI to complete https://gitlab.com/mattbas/glaxnimate/-/pipelines
  5. If there are erros
    • fix the errors
    • ./deploy/tag-branch.sh
    • go back to 4.
  6. build the release_1 target, this builds the release branch
  7. Wait for CI to complete
  8. In the tag pipeline, manually run the release job
  9. Wait for CI to complete
  10. New release should be ready at https://gitlab.com/mattbas/glaxnimate/-/releases
  11. Run ./deploy/release_check.py or make release_check to check the release is ok
  12. Merge release / pre-release back into master if there have been any new commits