Adding Languages

To add a new translation, edit the file data/CMakeLists.txt to add the translation file in the form translations/glaxnimate_(code).ts, where (code) is a locale code (eg: en, en_US, ...).

Then run make translations for the file to be generated.

Editing Translations

To edit a translation file, you can open it with Qt Linguist, which should show context information and the string in the GUI when needed.

The translation files are under data/translations.

After a file has been edited, make translations will build the output file and the translation should be available in Glaxnimate settings.


Language Completion Translated Missing Obsolete
English (United States) 100% 1072 0 2
English (United Kingdom) 100% 1072 0 0
français 100% 1071 1 39
中文 (简体, 中国) 100% 1069 3 0
italiano 84% 898 174 18
Deutsch 0% 0 1072 172